Traveling through the ghost railroad

Bridge of Guadalupe in Geopark Villuercas

It is said that all roads lead to Rome, and I would add “so does to Guadalupe” because this holly village is the second pilgrimage destination in Spain -Santiago de Compostela is in first place. Despite its touristic value, the only way to get to this UNESCO world heritage site on public transport is by bus. There is no train.

Once a railroad – to connect this zone with Madrid- was planned, constructed 90% and officially abandoned in the 60s, leaving decommissioned stations and bridges which make attractive some routes along the Geopark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara such as the Vía Verde and The Camino Natural de las Villuercas.

decommissioned train station of Logrosán in Geopark Villuercas, Vía verde and camino natural de las villuercas
Old train station in Logrosán

The trail Via Verde goes along the old railroad from Villanueva de la Serena to Logrosán (56 km). From there on the path links with the Camino Natural de Las Villuercas throughout Puerto Llano to finish in Guadalupe (Puerto Llano-Guadalupe: 15 km).

Another interesting option is to start the route from Alía (Alía-Guadalupe: 15 km).

All these routes are suitable for hiking and biking.



Decommissioned train station of Puerto Llano-Berzocana in Geopark Villuercas
railroad decommissioned in Geopark Villuercas
Tunnel of the old railroad near Guadalupe