La Villuerca, the Geopark´s highest peak

La Villuerca (1.601 m altitude) is the highest peak in the 2.544 km2 Geopark Villuercas-Ibores-Jara´s region. From the summit you can see – on a sunny day- all the villages in the Geopark and observe its deep valleys and imposing mountains.


La Villuerca is known as the Geopark´s roof.

To get to the top, there are two options. The best one is to take a narrow rural trail that comes up from the CC-97 road nearby Navezuelas. Although the path is extremely steep, you can get to the top with your car without difficulty. Attempting drive through the road EX-118 near Guadalupe could be a nightmare. The numerous bumps along this path are so huge that your car may be seriously damaged.

Once on the top of the crag, what attracts immediately your attention is the vast display of giant antennas.

Some of them transmit and receive radio, tv and 4G signals, while others belong to the Spanish Army.

Soldiers were stationed in here since the 60s to facilitate the communication between the Navy, ground troops and the Air Force of Spain. The army base, which operated from 80s to 90s, is still there but completely decommissioned.

There is a fence and a signal that prohibit getting inside, but you can access the old heliport from which enjoying the amazing Appalachian relief.

Moreover, La Villuerca is a must-see site for birding lovers.

Those enthusiastic about observing birds can observe with Spanish Imperial Eagles and Griffon vultures, along with Rock Thrush, Blue Rock Thrush and the Alpine Accentor, the most interesting species for rare bird seekers.