Useful tips for a getaway along a Geopark

It is nearly three years since I launched this blog. During that time, I have already visited at least one third of the Villuercas- Ibores- Jara´s geosites, which includes the most iconic and appealing places of the Geopark of Extremadura. So, I believe it is time to share some useful recommendations for first-timers. Here they go three basic tips:



1- Visit the nearest interpretation center. 

Geopark Villuercas is not just famed for its natural marvels, but also is steeped in geology, history, culture and architecture. So, you shouldn´t simply go and observe its amazing landscape. The best option to bring home good knowledge of the Geopark is to delve into the story behind each geosite and each village by visiting the interpretation centers.

The main Geopark´s visitor center is located in Cañamero; however, in case we are far from there, there are museums and interpretation centers in 10 municipalities, in which the tourist can get a closer information about the must-see sites to visit.



2- Check out the geosites

Once you have finished our visit to the interpretation center, the next step is to get to the geosite we have previously learned about. Only in this way, you will make the most of all the resources the Geopark of Extremadura offers.



3- Relax and relish the moment.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Geopark. Try their tasty and fantastic local gastronomy. Relax practicing birding, riding bicycle, hiking, fishing… I am sure that a geopark will never disappoint you!

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